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SPA & Wellness

1. We offer staing in the SPA & Wellness Marrakech (only 10 min driving from the hotel)

SPA - 50 zł

• pool with water jets
• Finnish sauna with room to relax
• Jacuzzi
• tepidarium
• fitness room with cardio equipment
• tea "Wellness" in the cafeteria, "Marrakech"
• bathrobe and towel hire

SPA & WELLNESS - 90 zł

• pool with water jets
• Finnish sauna with room to relax
• Jacuzzi
• tepidarium
• fitness room with cardio equipment
• salt cave
• "Aladdin World " - aromatic steam bath, a Finnish sauna
• "An oasis of peace" - a room for rest and relaxation
• tea "Wellness" in the cafeteria, "Marrakech"
• bathrobe and towel hire

Enjoy the following hours:

• Monday to Thursday 17:00 - 22:00, Friday from 15:00 - 22:00
• Saturday at 08:00 - 22:00, Sunday 08:00 - 19:00
Note: We make reservations by phone because of the limited number of tickets for the day, tel 33 8185860 - hotel reception.

* Children under 12 are not allowed in the Spa Marrakech

2. Gift for Women's Day

Think a little bit about yourself.
Tonight drop from your shoulder all responsibilities.
Take only what you want.

Male and female staff the Parrot Park Hotel wish healthy selfishness on Women’s Day.

March 8 (Friday) from 8:00 am to 22:00 Ladies invite you to our Spa & Wellness Marrakech on the unforgettable moments of relaxation in a dreamy, oriental setting.
We have prepared an invitation for women at 50 zł (45% discount!).

The invitation includes (no time limit):

• Swimming Pool,
• Jacuzzi,
• tepidarium (a place to relax with worming lamps)
• cave with water jets,
• Finnish sauna with a place to rest,
• salt cave,
• Light-living, music-, aroma-therapy,
• " Aladdin World " - a complex of steam and dry sauna with leisure and relaxation facilities,
• bathrobe and towel hire
• tea in cafes "Marrakech"
Due to the limited number of places, please book in advance at the reception tel.033 8185860.

You can pre-booked additional cosmetic procedures and care for the body and face.

3. Sindbad

The unique climate Arabic recalling the mysterious stories of Princess Scheherazade, exotic paintings and decorations, Eastern music and wonderful scent - just a few words, you can describe complex Sindbad. The unique moments of relaxation and a steam inviting spaces used to perform special body treatments.
Sinbad offers face and body care based on solar clays with peeling combined with aromatherapy steam room and sauna.
Time: 45 min
The price depends on the number of people who will benefit from surgery.

Number of persons


1 person

150 PLN

2 persons

190 PLN

3 people

240 PLN

4 persons

260 PLN

5 people

300 PLN

6 people

360 PLN

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TOBOGGAN RUN on DĘBOWIECtor saneczkowy Dębowiec

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